Photos Taken at the Moose Lodge,
"Clapping Monkey Productions", Jensen Beach - July 16, 2011
Last night I had the honor of viewing a 'Clapping Monkey Productions' show for the first time. I had no idea what to expect, because I haven't been to an Improv Sketch Comedy show in years, but after watching some of their videos on youtube, I knew I was in for a good laugh.

Getting there was a bit of a hassle, because the Loyal Order of the Moose venue has a "Northeast - East Court" address my GPS didn't seem to understand. But, thank God for my Evo, I was finally on my way!

While waiting for the show to begin, the audience enjoyed solo singing and guitar playing from one of the leading ladies. Her voice was beautiful, tone was deep and although the song lyrics were sad, her sultry sound overshadowed that. Soon after, Mr. Charles Watson stepped to the microphone and it was showtime! Click to continue