A Few of the Photos Taken at Shindigs Irish Pub with the "Cover Up Band", Port St Lucie
July 15, 2011
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Last night was sooooo muchhhhh funnnnnn!

From the time I got out of my car and walked over to Shindigs Irish Pub, I came across some really cool folks. I didn't hear the band playing, so I approached a few people sitting near the entrance of the pub and I asked the young lady where I can find the band. She pointed to a group of guys standing near parked cars. Just my luck, they were on break! :) I walked over to them and asked for a picture, they were kind enough to pose for my camera. This band's attitude was so pleasant and warm. (A huge difference from someone mentioned in an earlier Blog, lol.)

It was back to business for the guys again! They were GREAT! I was so impressed during the guy's solo parts, and the lead singing, that I almost couldn't contain myself.  I was in work mode, so I couldn't boogie like I wanted to, I had to resist the urge to dance.