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I'm just a stay at home mom, who wanted to help other moms find things to do locally. That idea grew into what this site is now and the cost of maintaining it can be a bit overwhelming. Before adding a donation option, I was asked by one of my loyal viewers, how I manage to keep this site active with little or no income coming from it. It's people like you who make it possible. Those who visit the website provide motivation and those who donate allow me to provide businesses with free or low cost advertising, contests and information on events, activities and more. I'm very grateful to have your support.

*NOTE: Your donation will be used to aid with the costs of  printed, search engine and social networking ads, offer more free ad space to small businesses who cannot afford advertising and grow. As more people become aware of our website, the more people will be able to share information on events. It also means the more people who will attend events.

Thanks again for your support. We really appreciate it! <3

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