Vallery Valentine performing
Vallery Valentine beside the stagePeople enjoying themselves at the CreekForgot her name, but she sounded lovely!Urban MysticUrban MysticUrban Mystic
October 12, 2012 - It was my first time attending a Jazz on Moore's Creek event. After running a few errands, I mentioned the idea of stopping by the Creek for a few minutes to my husband and he agreed.

We headed to Fort Pierce! Pulled up to the scene, found a parking spot right by the entryway (yay!) and he grabbed the portable seats for our kids. As soon as we got out of the car, we could hear Vallery Valentine singing. A closer view, and we see her doing her famous two step with shoulder bounce "I'm feelin it" dance, lol (there's no name for it so I had to make up that description). Every time I see her perform I want to do that dance too!

She sounded great as usual, and soon after she finished, I moved towards the stage to snap a picture of her. I'm like a local tourist, I like to take photos of my trips!

The headliner for the evening was Urban Mystic. I honestly never heard of him, so I was eager to hear him perform. My husband was tired after work and ready to go home, but ofcourse he couldn't leave without me so he took a seat while we waited for Mr. Mystic to approach the stage. Finally, he was announced to the audience. He had a great voice that reminded me of KC from Jodeci (whom I had the biggest crush on back in the day). A few photos and I was my feet were not too happy with me, so we left!

Long story short, it was a great night! View some of the photos below! :)