Jensen Bech Photo Walk 2012
October 13, 2012 - It was my first time participating in a photowalk. I was extremely nervous because I am not a professional photographer, I just take photos for the benefit of my website and to showcase some of the local venues and events I have visited. I didn't really know what to take photos of, so I just grabbed random shots of things I saw. I took over 300 photos in all, but that is way too much for me to post on here. (Especially because some may be too much of the same thing). View the photos below of my day at Indian Riverside Park, with host Mitch Kloorfain and others photo takers (professional and amateur).

During the experience, I saw a snake near a large frog (my shock caused me to miss the snake, but I caught the frog), a floating leaf (I think it was caught in a web), pups, the buddy walk, Tuckahoe Mansion, the Children's Museum and more!
Fellow participant
Fellow participantDo you see something in the hole? I thought I did!My favorite photo. He was so sweet, I really enjoyed our brief conversation. 90 years old! God bless him!Floating leaf, this leaf would not fallI'm guessing it was stuck in a web, but I could not find the weI'm guessing it was stuck in a web I could not find.lone flowerlone flower 2DragonflyAwwwww

Jensen Beach Photo Walk at Indian Riverside Park - October 13, 2012

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