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Morningside Church's "Party in the Park"
at the Port St Lucie Civic Center
March 3, 2012

This was a really nice event, not to mention a FREE event. Real free, not fake free, lol. Everything was actually free, even the food! There were a lot of people, lots of activities for kids, a great car show, great singing and a cool doggy!

As soon as I walked towards the event I was drawn to the cars! Beautiful cars and some that were very "different"! One car was so small, I tried to imagine the size of the people who drove it. The tires were as thin as bicycle tires and the width made me think only two teens could comfortably sit in it. While thinking of the owners, I lost focus because in the corner of my eyes I saw lots of people wearing green t-shirts walking towards the stage. In there hands were signs that stated an issue each person faced. I was curious to find out what was going on so I walked towards the stage and started snapping photos. A song played in the background and soon after (continued)