Photos Taken at "Sneaker Rush's 1 Year Anniversary
at the Port St Lucie Community Center
October 23, 2011
Max of Abstract Max. He designs shirts to match sneakers. See the next two photos for examples!Abstract Max T-Shirt designAbstract Max - Sneakers matched to T-ShirtThe sneakers are sexy!Da Bottom Clothing CompanyMr Kicks!Express Your SoleThe shirts are matched perfectly! Shirts cost around $30. www.expressyoursole.comNo Solution!Brothers! The team of the "No Solution!" brand.Kenny Celestin. The man behind "Sneaker Rush"Kenny Celestin and MichelleFunky Fresh!
Photos from Sneaker Rush 2011 - Port St Lucie, FL
Sneaker Rush LLC is a rapidly growing company based out of South Florida which hosts a series of sneaker related events. At the events, the attendees can buy, sell, and trade sneakers along with purchasing other sneaker-related merchandise. These events naturally draw a large networking opportunity among sneaker enthusiasts, local business owners, and people who may not know about the culture. Our conventions take place throughout large communities in the South Florida and Central Florida regions on a quarterly basis. The conventions are held in safe, local, and well-known locations. Everyone is invited and encouraged to share his/her passion and respect for this growing sneaker culture.


Sneaker Rush reaches out to young people with similar interests but no real outlet to mingle. Our goal is to provide these young sneaker heads with a place to not only discuss their common interests, but to network with some older enthusiasts, some industry people, and promote their name or brand out. I’m hoping not only will these young people leave with a couple of fly kicks but also with some contacts, a mentor, or maybe even an internship.

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