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Unless you've been to Florida or have family in this area, you probably never heard of the Treasure Coast (St Lucie, Martin and Indian River Counties). Let's face it, Saint Lucie County isn't one of the most popular areas when it comes to tourism. Neither are its neighbors, Martin County and Indian River County. So mentioning the fact that it's located between them may not help. However, for those of you who like to travel to areas without a crowd, make this an option.

To help paint a picture, the Treasure Coast is about an equal distance South of Orlando and North of Miami. It's not nearly as busy, but it still has a lot of entertainment and a night life to keep you active. The growth in population has been pretty quick in the past few years, which has created an opportunity for businesses and event promoters to bring some of the fun usually experienced outside the area, here. Even some of its residents have yet to realize how full of life the Treasure Coast has become.

Want beaches? We have some! Want to visit Aquariums, Libraries, Art Galleries and/or Museums? We have those. What about Comedy, Open Mic, Trivia or Karaoke? We have that too! There are even Night Clubs and Restaurants featuring entertainment daily.

Whether you like to dance to reggae music near the water, Rock and Roll, Punk, Country, Hip Hop or Latin tunes, each night there is something for everyone!

Treasure Coast residents have also been able to experience our very own theme park. In 2011, the small, but on a hot day, satisfying Sailfish Splash Water Park opened in Martin County. Providing those who love lounging on a lazy river, swimming in Olympic size pools and sliding down water slides the chance to enjoy these amenities close to home. So whether you're planning a vacation from outside of the state of Florida, or you're local and considering a "stay-cation". The Treasure Coast may be just the place you're looking for!

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