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Photos Taken at the Port St Lucie Botanical Gardens "Botanica Festival"

February 11, 2012
It was such a nice day today! Not too hot, the breeze blew enough to cool us down without needing a jacket and the people were in a chatty mood!

For the last year and a half, I neglected my green thumb since the "frost" of 2010 killed the garden I worked hard to create. Now there lies a bald spot in my yard! Surprisingly, I have the desire to spruce up my garden all over again and this was the perfect event to start with. So many knowledgeable vendors who told me which plants I should choose for what I call "lazy gardening". (click to continue)
There are plants named after Dreads (not these), but this plant reminded me more of  Dreadlocks! So pretty, full and soft.
This plant is absolutely beautiful. I wish the picture could capture every aspect of it, but here's a run down (click next)!
It looks as if it was hand painted. The leaves have crinkles and are multicolored. For $45, it's yours!This plant is really strange to look at, but I've been told it is food. Similar in taste to collard greens with more protein and nutrients! This is the owner's mascot. Smaller versions of this and the strawberry plants are sold at their store located in Fort Pierce.
This plant catches flies, for $25 it's yours!This was so cute! At the Botanica Gardens Festival today one of the things featured was an outdoor shower you can have by just connecting your hose to it!
Lots of Butterflies! One was kind enough to stay in one spot for more than 3 seconds to pose for the camera! :)